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Turn your leads into clients and customers with these tips

Having trouble closing your leads? You can get them on the phone and they definitely need your product or services but they just won’t buy.
People love spending money on the things they don’t need to look cool, and to entertain themselves for a while. It may seem like when it comes to their business, that’s when they start getting nervous about spending money. We all have encounters with clients that can ONLY spend $300 to $600 for a website that represents their business, has the potential to bring in easy passive income, plus a ton of other benefactors and they are refusing to pay anything over a few hundred dollars, BUT easily spent $900 on an iPhone s16 and a half that they definitely don’t need.
So what does this tell you?
It means they have the money, and they can spend it! Now you just have to figure out why they are spending it where it matters the most. Let’s go over a few reasons why our customers might not be buying into our product or service.
They don’t feel like they need to. Be sure to explain how your services are a must have and in which ways your business will benefit. You don’t have to sound like a salesperson, just be sure to clearly go over how your product or services will help them reach their goals and make sure you leave them with an eager want for your product / service.
You customer doesn’t have enough trust built in you. Lately developers have been seen as dishonest and untrustworthy. In fact most of our inquires are from people who just have recently had a bad experience with a developer and are looking to start new with someone else, but the new developer will have to take on the task of earning their trust so they feel you are capable of doing all the wonderful things you tell them you can do.
These are just two issues helps freelancers get over everyday. offers hot leads for web developers, graphic designers, SEO experts and other techies in the freelance community, although our leads are as hot as a lead can be, they may still have difficulties closing prospects. Thanks to our lead specialist that will work one on one with our members if needed we have been able to help struggling freelancers all over!

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