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The kind of leads you can expect from

The number one question our future members ask is “what kind of leads do you sale” and the runner up is almost always “are your leads exclusive. I have a theory that from there our members enter these answers into an extravagant formula they developed right before the call which determines whether or not this is something they want to sign up for. After 5 minutes of speaking with us, you can almost hear the complicated decision making tunnel they planned out before the call collapse after we respond with our simple answers.
Why? Because, it is just that simple.
We are not promising you the impossible, which would be to say, the leads you get from us will get you a client every time. In fact, we stress quite the opposite! What makes so useful is that we understand how difficult closing leads can be, we are hear to help make the process easy and effective. generates leads in a very unique manner, in fact we are the only partners of, which is a free lead sharing platform. This allows to generate hot, qualified leads, but this still does not mean that we can guarantee a quick close every time.
OurTechFriend’s process guarantees that for a set price you will get access to our leads until you close the amount of client’s you purchased. This is a one time fee, not a monthly fee.‘s packages end up being the cheapest route for freelancers by far when it comes to generating leads.
Other options to generating leads are to use your own time and energy making landing pages and filtering then nurturing cold leads, but your time is valuable and that easily gets costly. You can hire telemarketers and pay hourly or by commission, and both those ways are easily far more expensive then even our most expensive package.
There are a ton of creative ways to create leads, but it takes resources no matter which route you take. Which resource do you want to use? Go to and see how we can be of resource to you.

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