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about our leads's Leads
The Lead Portal

What is a lead?

A lead is someone or something that may be useful, especially a potential customer or business opportunity. “setting up a social networking page can help you get numerous leads”.   Freelance WordPress developers, large software companies and every kind of developer in between can use good leads. Leads are an effective marketing tool that can […]

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The Lead Portal

The kind of leads you can expect from

The number one question our future members ask is “what kind of leads do you sale” and the runner up is almost always “are your leads exclusive. I have a theory that from there our members enter these answers into an extravagant formula they developed right before the call which determines whether or not this […]

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The Lead Portal

Turn your leads into clients and customers with these tips

Having trouble closing your leads? You can get them on the phone and they definitely need your product or services but they just won’t buy. Why? People love spending money on the things they don’t need to look cool, and to entertain themselves for a while. It may seem like when it comes to their […]

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Social media leads
The Lead Portal

Why do packages cost so much!? doesn’t only sell leads, our leads come with a unique service in which we make sure our members get clients from our leads. How do we do this? releases leads throughout the day in our lead portal for everyone to see at Only members can actually claim a lead, and only the […]

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Lead Generation Tips

Lead generation hack : Generate 1,000s of leads in minutes!

There are a lot of great marketing campaigns and there are even more strategist, strategically coming up with strategic strategies to find and attract audiences as we speak or read! Whoa, try saying that line five times in a row! All of these spectacular and amazing strategies all have one thing in common, getting a list […]

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What’s great about Our Tech Friend’s leads?

Our Tech Friend was developed by and for internet experts, is the key that separates us from the rest of the lead providers. Getting leads is usually frustrating and more times than not, disappointing! After many failed attempts at finding a good lead provider, started being developed with the mission to provide QUALITY, leads […]

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