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Simple tips to generate leads on Facebook LinkedIn and Twitter

When you are running your lead generation campaign there are a few small, simple things you should be doing in order to make sure you get the best return for your effort. Consistency, creativity, and connectivity are 3 simple things to remember when running any campaign so that you can see a full return on the energy, time and money you spend. Let’s go over quickly how these 3 simple reminders will increase our conversions.

A good schedule and consistency seems like an obvious must have, and while almost everyone takes the first step to create a schedule how many actually follow through with it. All ideas are great but almost none are actual done. When you use Facebook LinkedIn or Twitter to generate leads you have to remember that consistent engagement with your audience will increase reputation and customer retention.

It is really easy to just post content and hand out likes like “whilly nilly”, is that even a saying? Either way, you get the picture. Posting as much content as you can, adding everyone as a friend, and liking as many post as you can is NOT the way to go. Target the people you add as friends, having a determined audience is important. Make sure that your content is as unique and personal as you can make it. says lead generation campaigns should feel like an inside joke between you and your audience, it shouldn’t attract everyone. Try and make sure your content is audience specific!

Last but definitely not least, in fact I would say the most important goal when generating leads on Facebook LinkedIn or Twitter is connectivity with your audience. Your content and likes can only do so much, how else are you reaching out and connecting to your audience. has found comments to be an effect easy way to connect immediately online with your audience. Doing en blast to your members that include some kind of requested action is another effective connecting method.

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