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Lead generation hack : Generate 1,000s of leads in minutes!

There are a lot of great marketing campaigns and there are even more strategist, strategically coming up with strategic strategies to find and attract audiences as we speak or read! Whoa, try saying that line five times in a row! All of these spectacular and amazing strategies all have one thing in common, getting a list of contact names, email address and sometimes phone numbers, what would be even better is a comment with a description of the services they needed, that’s a closed deal! Let’s talk about how to generate leads, and not so much closed deals and guaranteed clients.
For clarity, (Our Tech Friend) determines a lead to consist of a “Name”, “Email Address”, and / or “Phone Number”. Our Tech Friend considers a “Warm Lead” to be a prospect lead, for instance –someone we know needs or potential will need or want our product or service. Our Tech Friend considers a “Hot Lead” to be an actual request for service or product with complete contact details and sometimes even a preferred contact time.
In this blog we are going to be discussing how to generate warm leads. That means that these leads are going to be leads that are targeted prospects but we still need to contact and nurture a bit.  Let’s get started on generating these leads!
The good ol’ fashion way to generate a bunch of leads quickly would be to build a web crawler that pulls the lead data we want from a list of websites we choose and then dump the data into an excel sheet which gives us our list of leads. Well, I heard there’s a more efficient and not to mention legal way of doing this! Oh,  by the way, some websites do not wish for you to crawl their website and it’s illegal to go against their terms if mention in their terms of service.
Not to worry a bit!
Thanks to API’s we can easily and legally access data the the web owners don’t mind sharing, and that we need! You can go over to Import.I0 and start making API calls easy and fast! They do all the hard work, you just need to come up with a list of websites that have contact details about people / companies that may need your service or product. There is no hard part, now it’s time to start reaching out to your newly generated warm leads!
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