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Lead generating stunts every web designer, web developer and SEO expert should know

Are you tired of using your skills to improve other businesses and ready to start on your own? Or maybe you have been working in your industry and have a level of professionalism where you no longer need to work for one person / company and you you’re ready to start increasing your income by adding more than 1 client to your clientele. Whatever your reason maybe that you find yourself in the entrepreneurial position of generating leads so that you can increase your client flow is here to help you.
The first things you are going to want to do is market your services so that business owners that need your services can find you easily. When you first start marketing your services you are going to have to be a little more creative and different than the norm in the beginning.
Answering questions on pertaining to your services and leaving your contact details is a great way to find your audience quickly. Quora is a very popular Ask / Answer platform that is used quite often from young and older users alike. Just go to, start answering the questions you have a nice thorough answer for and be sure to leave your portfolio link, contact information or however you’d like people to reach you.
A very old but still fresh and lucrative way to spend your time and spread word about your services and website is commenting on blogs. Be sure to leave comments that are relevant and informational, otherwise you leave it vulnerable to deletion. Finding blogs that are relevant to your services or your website and leaving comments that are relevant and add to the blog can also help you networking with other internet entrepreneurs, which actually brings us to our next attention grabbing leading generating stunt!
Guest blogging is always, always, always a must do if you can. Guest blogging can be hard to do, but if you build the right relationships with another fellow website owner that allows you to guest blog it’s great for increasing your page rank as well as building reputation with your audience. It’s always nice to see the service or product you’re interested listed and being talked about in other places.
The last but definitely not least creative way to stand out and grab your audience and future clients attention is by offering some FREE tutorials or how to guides on your services. You don’t have to give away all your secrets, but you would be surprised how much more people are appreciative for your services when they are more knowledgeable on your services or industry. Sharing is caring, and more times than not, your client will be appreciate and you are more likely to be hired than fired for teaching a man how to fish!
Try one, and for full effect all four marketing stunts in order to get the best result. You will have clients lining up at your online door for your services in no time.
Don’t want to do all the work? Focus on your web development, web design, app development, SEO or programming skills and leave the lead generation to Buy client guaranteed packages from Our Tech Friend and never worry about having to get leads again, leave that to us!
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