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How to : Respond to Our Tech Friend leads (script included!)

Remember our SEO leads and web design leads come from, so mentioning Our Tech Friend will do nothing but confuse your lead prospect and create immediate unnecessary barriers. The best thing to do is to focus on the work the client needs at hand and not on how you got their information. If your lead does ask “How did you find me?” you can reply, you submitted your information to the website of one of the lead suppliers I use.
If you strictly focus on their needs, and not on trying to “sell them” anything this question shouldn’t come up.
Calling saying “hello, is [their name] available”….is a sure way to get your prospect uncomfortable and get you a “no” from someone that could have been a “yes”.
When you call your lead, if you first mention that you noticed they need help with “something” and let them take control of the conversation you set a welcoming and helpful tone, as well as make the prospect feel comfortable.
Below is a suggested script, also found under “Helpful Tips” in your lead portal:

Our Tech Friend suggested script


Hello [their name] this is [your name]. I am calling because you recently requested information on [service they requested], I can you help you [talk about how you can help them] I can be a benefit to your company because [why your skills in particular are an asset]

Lead Prospect:

(Yes, I have been looking to get [service they requested] done.)

Respond :

Awesome! Well I would love to assist you in getting started, the next step is [time to close!]
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