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How to : Get your first client!

How do you get anyone to buy anything? You provide value. That is pretty much the rule to sell just about anything, including your services. A very easy way to always be providing value is to keep in mind one simple question.

How can I be providing value now?

That question will get you not only clients fast and EASY, but quality clients as well. Now you might be wondering, what are some ways in which you can provide value?
I recently read an article at called “How To Get Your First Web Development Client” which mentions 5 creative ways to create value as a beginning web developer:
  1. Contact your local newspaper with an article outline and work with them to get it published.
  2. Offer to build a website for a local ministry at no cost with no strings attached. When the work is done and the client is thrilled, ask for an endorsement and referrals.
  3. Write a tutorial explaining how you built the site for that ministry so that others can do the same for theirs (it might seem counter intuitive, but it works).
  4. Teach a free workshop at local library, community center, or church on the basics of starting a new blog on WordPress.
  5. Give your time, no strings attached, sharing ideas and suggestions with business owners on how a website could help their business.
Hope these tips helped! Our Tech Friend’s team is always looking for ways to help freelance techies improve their income! Check back in for more tips!
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