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How to convert leads into a sale or client

When most people think about what leads can be useful for, not very much is listed. Telemarketing calls, e blast, maybe if they’re a little creative they’ll add all of them on LinkedIn, and that’s it. When the lead responds you close or not, and if not, they get tossed into the horrible pile of dead leads.

What a waste of money, what a waste of time,  what a waste of a lead!

Leads are wasted everyday and many salespersons do not even realize how useful a leads list can be to them! Don’t let this be you, think about all the contact names, phone number and email addresses you have collect that you have been able to reach and after you made that connection refused to build a relationship because they didn’t immediately want your services.

Let’s change that. First and foremost, leads are extremely beneficial for e commerce owners, salesperson or any other individual that is selling products. Leads give you a foot in the door when it comes to making a sale of any kind. If you are selling cars, phones, cakes, whatever it maybe, you could benefit from a leads list. Now the kind of leads list you will need will vary, but stay tuned, because lead conversion should be something important to you as well!

Now, for the compulsive leads list buyers, I am sure that if you pulled up all your bad leads today, you could make a few sales, clients or at the very least prospects just by doing a few simple things. (Our Tech Friend) has come up with a simple follow up model that will lead to a close almost every time.

  1. First, reach out to them, not to sell them anything but genuinely see where they are at with there business and where they are planning on taking their business next, maybe try and go over some of the goals that they have for the company.
  2. Second, after speaking with them take some time to see in what ways you can be beneficial to them moving onto their next step and how your product or service can assist in the meeting of their goals.
  3. Third, email them to say thank you for the call and find out when the next time you can speak again.

Our Tech Friend labels this part as the relationship building part, if you can get them on the phone again, you have just put your foot in the door buddy! When you do speak with them the second time, follow up on what was previously discussed and LISTEN to how far along they have come along, or if any new developments have occurred in their business needs or goals. Continue nurturing this lead this way and when they are ready to buy, you will definitely be the one they go to!

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