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How often do you follow through with your marketing strategy?

When generating leads online, there are so many options and a combination of different ways of generating leads online that getting distracted can be very easy, and distractions almost always leads to a complete lost of focus and then a lost in interest with your marketing plan. That’s how you go to getting a good idea and doing a few task to get your idea going, but then what happens, we get distracted with a new idea or work, either way our original idea and goals get neglected until it’s another thing on your list of failures.
We put it on our list of failure but never examine why we failed and so when we start on a new project we go down the same path, and are bound to until we recognize why we are failing as to adjust ourselves. In the above example, which happens to all of us at one time or another is a great example, because what a lot of people don’t fail to realize, is that they fail, because they never even really tried!
It’s not your project that ends up failing, rather it’s you giving up on your project and following through with your execution plans. I am sure that what ever your plan or strategy may be, it is a good one that has a good chance of succeeding, but only if you actually FOLLOW THRU with your plans or strategies. A good marketing and lead generation strategy is only as good as how well it’s executed.
How well it’s executed can easily be measured in how consistent and persistent you stay with your plans or strategy. encourages it members to daily grab a lead. suggest that our members  immediately reach out to their via email unless instructed otherwise and following up with a friendly text, then returning the lead at the end of the day so that we can grab a new one the next day if you haven’t made contact. Not making contact should be the only reason you have to return an lead! If you stayed at it daily, no telling how many client’s you’d get!
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