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How Facebook LinkedIn and Blogger generated leads for me within 3 days.

Ugh, it’s that time again! Time to update your Facebook page, LinkedIn company page, do a tweet, post a blog, like shares and repost, and the list goes on it seems like. Not only does the list seem to go on, but we have to do this EVERYDAY!?
Is social media and blogging really all that crucial to lead generation, and product promotion?
Social media and blogging are not only very important to generating leads, online traffic, and product awareness, it is the backbone of all successful campaigns.
importance of blogging for lead generation
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To show the importance of social media and blogging I did a little experiment. I took one of my websites that I give minimal attention to. This graph is the website visitor stats for this month. As you can see the website was get on an average, 3 – 6 visitors daily. On November 13 I started my simple campaign, do one blog, and do one post about the blog and a link to the blog on Facebook and LinkedIn. By November 19th I have doubled the website traffic and within just 3 days as you can see a new high was reached!
This was just one quick little experiment I did to see how effective LinkedIn Facebook and Blogger can be when generating leads. Remember, all business is about communicating your goods to the people who are looking for your goods. You don’t need to focus on convincing people to purchase or use your service, you just need to find and reach the people already looking for your product and service and let them know where to find you. Once they know where to find you, when they are ready to buy, the odds are in your favor that they will purchase from you if they are familiar with your product or services already. does a lot of work to stay connected with companies that are willing to pay freelancers what they’re worth. It can be time consuming separating the people who are willing to pay a fair price from the people who are just looking to waste time and get as much free work from you as they can or pay little to nothing. In fact, bad clients not only can be frustrating they can be damaging to your business. If you aren’t in a position to spend time generating and filtering leads just check out what we have to offer, all of’s leads are client guaranteed!
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