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How do you generate leads from LinkedIn Facebook or Twitter?

Generating leads in any industry is a challenge, but for people who are in the web design, web development, application development or SEO (search engine optimization, like in , , , etc.) expert then getting leads online can be especially challenging because of how well your competitors and peers are well versed in the web. No matter how competitive your field is, Linked Facebook or Twitter can be used to generate leads easier than it is to say “whoa, that was easy”.
LinkedIn is a great platform for almost anyone in any kind of an industry from web design to firefighting. has a lot of great lead generating tools as well. For instance, if you do a search with specific filter criteria and save your filtered search, LinkedIn will start emailing you user that you may be interested in connecting with due to your search, the email includes the users name and email address. is a great email list building tool right off bat!
Facebook probably seems like the most obvious lead generating tool. has a lot of users, which makes our go to choice when we think about the first social media platform we should promote our services or product on. After you create a page, you may find it hard to get likes and start getting an audience flow to your newly created Facebook page, not to freight. Content is king! Simply boosting post and your page will not grab your audience, have some unique, interesting content onto your page. The more unique your content, the less you will have to spend to attract your audience!
Now the beast of them all! Twitter, web design, firefighting, ballet, the President! You can find any industry, any person, and just about any business, on So how do you get started with generating leads on It takes just 3 easy things. Hashtag the keywords on your tweets, mention potential customers or clients, send personal thank you messages to new followers! If you do these 3 things on Twitter, with a few days, if not the same day, you will be gathering leads and networking with potential customers! appreciates staying connected with our freelancers and future clients alike. It’s very easy to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn and we always make an effort to like and share positive comments and post from our members! Stay connected, and stay freelance! Having trouble generating leads, and need clients now, go to for client guaranteed leads.
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