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How do I turn a lead into a client? You can use these tips on LinkedIn Facebook or Twitter

I get leads, I just can’t get a client from them!!
You’re not the only one, and the really good news is that you have the hard part down, attaining the lead. Drawing people who are interested in your service at one time is the missing piece of the puzzle! After you have that part down, getting work and turning that lead into a good client take just a few steps.
Anyone who shows any interest in your service or product at one time or another, it’s a lead until they’re a client! Services are always needed, even after there given, improvements, changes, and alterations can be need far after the original service request.  Website, app, and SEO development is a good example of this, if someone contacts you because they needed one of these services but they have already received helped, this would be a good lead to note down and follow up with later. People often go through 3 developers including development companies before they find someone they’re happy with. Chances are, even if they have found someone to do the job, they’ll be looking for a replacement shortly.
What you qualify as a lead is important when it comes to nurturing the lead prospect. The first step in turning a lead into a good solid client is fist recognizing you have client! A lot of people assume they have a dead or cold lead because the person isn’t interested in their services immediately. In all reality, anyone that is interested in your services enough that they share their contact information with you, IS a lead prospect.
Our Tech Friend values how hard freelance developers work with building clientele and knows that it takes time to filter leads that have work and are willing to pay a fair price. If you are spending more time trying to generate leads than trying to close them you will benefit from Spend time on doing what you’re skills are in — development, let us get the work for you.
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