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How do I determine my target audience?

When you talk about generating leads and doing online marketing the term target audience is something that will come up a lot. It’s a very important key to marketing in any form. Let’s go over what a target audience is and how to determine who your target audience is.
A target audience is a specific group of people that your products or services are aimed towards.
What if my product / service is for every one?
Let me tell you a good story or proverb I once heard about a boy , a man, and a donkey that were walking through the village when they over heard people saying comments like how stupid it was of them to be walking when they have a perfectly good donkey. After that, the old man thought it would be a good idea to put the boy on the donkey, and they continued their walk. Not too much later did people start saying the boy was spoiled and had no respect to make the old man walk. Quickly, the boy got off the donkey and put the old man on top of the donkey. Confidently, they started back up their journey until passerby’s started complaining that it was such abuse to make the little boy walk while the old man just watch, so they both got on top on the donkey. People soon were in an uproar that they overworking the donkey and that he looks like he was going to collapse any minute. They man, and they boy thought it best to carry the donkey as they were coming up to a bridge. While they were carrying the donkey over the bridge they lost grip and the donkey was lost over the bride. The lesson is that trying to please everyone, you will lose your ass! hahaha
Likewise, in marketing, if you try and appeal to everyone you will more times than not do more damage and be less appealing to everyone. When marketing you should know the group your service or product best fits with and aim for them.  You will get more favorable results picking a predetermined group of people to attract, then a wide variety of people.
You will make no one happy trying to make everyone happy. is catered to the web developers, web designers, SEO experts and online marketers of the world. While your audience doesn’t and can not always be that specific, building a strategy around a specific group of wants and desires you are likely to hit one. Get leads from no matter what industry you’re in. For most in the freelance community, will be a great resource to you.
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