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Generate leads online fast with these EASY, SIMPLE and QUICK tricks

Need to raise some capital quick and need to increase your clientele as soon as possible. Take a look at these EASY, SIMPLE, and QUICK generating tips and tricks that will get you a response from someone almost immediately and keep people reaching out to you after that.
No matter what industry, there are an audience of people looking to learn the skill or trade and can do so online now days. A lot of people watch tutorial or take classes here and there to get as much information as they can. How can you use people’s want for knowledge as a leverage for you? This is where offering FREE eBooks in exchange for a Name, Email and Phone number will get you leads quicker than you can say “Hey, I have something for free!”. Switch what eBook you’re offering and the content keywords you use to see if you can’t get audiences from different industries.
On your website where you are offering your services, add a newsletter sign up. You should be capturing the information of anyone that hits your site, in fact if you’re not, you are literally losing part of the audience your website has helped you attract. Anyone that signs up for your newsletter is a definite client, and not JUST a lead prospect. Anyone that shows interest in your services and signs up for your newsletter NEEDS what you are offering. Maybe not immediately now, but with enough nurturing a  relationship will grow that they initiated and when your services needs come up, you know who they will be asking, YOU.
Twitter! My favorite quick lead generator. I love Twitter because no matter what, if you’re a big company or a small company you can draw the same amount of attention under the hashtag realm. If someone searches your hashtag under the latest section of Twitter. The real biggest win here, is the attention mentioning gets you. People are very likely to see a mention and even respond, that is if they are celebrities. You can still reach out to celebrities and their followers can watch and maybe some of them are interested in what you’re offering. Either way, Twitter is a great way to say, “Hey, look at me!”.
Our Tech Friend knows how important it is to get work when you need work. Not all developers are made the same, but they all get the same access to immediate hot leads from You can always view our hot fresh leads live in our lead portal found at
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