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Facebook generates more leads, but LinkedIn leads converts into sales more often

This is a case and scenario we see all the time. Which is why it is important to do to A/B testing. What is A/B testing, and how can it help you better target your audience? Why is it necessary to better target your audience? Hell, what the heck is better targeting your audience? Let’s go over all these need to know how’s in order to know which where our efforts is paying off and where our efforts need to be adjusted.
A target audience is specific group of people we have determined fit certain interest and criteria, for instance, let’s assume our target audience were 20 people that all like comics about Spider-man and lived in downtown San Fransisco (SF). That’s a target audience for the new 3-D Spider-man movie being released in downtown SF!
It’s very necessary to make sure we have a target audience when doing our campaigns, says that we should remember when we market our business it isn’t about convincing someone they want or need our product / service, it’s about letting the people who want / need our product / service know where and how to find us.
A/B testing is when you test one group of your select audience against another in order to compare traction and conversions of the two. For instance, if I sent the same email blast out to two different groups how would they compared to which group opened the emails more, which group had more clicks. Information that you gather like the such will help you create specific e blast that are sure to get opened, and convert. knows that this is something you have to work on, on a consistent basis when it comes to building up a strong clientele. is here for developers that want to only focus on their skill-set and leave the lead generating up to someone else. We’re here for you!

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