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Tips on closing leads's Leads
Tips on closing leads

How to connect with a lead or prospect initially.

Connecting with a prospect or lead provided is the same whether you are using our leads or not. For this explanation we will be using our leads from’s portal at Once you have grab a prospect that you want to work with from the portal at the first thing you want to […]

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Tips on closing leads

How to convert leads into a sale or client

When most people think about what leads can be useful for, not very much is listed. Telemarketing calls, e blast, maybe if they’re a little creative they’ll add all of them on LinkedIn, and that’s it. When the lead responds you close or not, and if not, they get tossed into the horrible pile of […]

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Tips on closing leads

How do I turn a lead into a client? You can use these tips on LinkedIn Facebook or Twitter

I get leads, I just can’t get a client from them!! You’re not the only one, and the really good news is that you have the hard part down, attaining the lead. Drawing people who are interested in your service at one time is the missing piece of the puzzle! After you have that part […]

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Tips on closing leads

How to : Respond to Our Tech Friend leads (script included!)

Remember our SEO leads and web design leads come from, so mentioning Our Tech Friend will do nothing but confuse your lead prospect and create immediate unnecessary barriers. The best thing to do is to focus on the work the client needs at hand and not on how you got their information. If your […]

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