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Are pop ups a great lead generating tool or just annoying?

If you had a website, the one thing you wouldn’t do is put up annoying pop ups right? I know I hear this comment all the time. Pop ups are at best most think an annoyance that you try and dodge more than the salesman at the door. Sshhh be quiet, it’s a pop up, maybe it won’t see us.
What does your online sales cycle look like?
Most online sales cycle goes something similar to :
Attract audience via a landing page -> landing page converts into a sale
What happens to the traffic that our landing page in which we have spent time, energy and effort in order to make sure it attracts but doesn’t convert. Well, they leave and that’s that.
Save your audience!
A pop up, even though it make take way from the look of your website will save your audience that is interested in your product or service so that you can sell to them later! (Our Tech Friend) says that pop ups are greatly encouraged, but if you are hard against pops ups a newsletter form somewhere on your landing page is a must have.
Our Tech Friend uses pop ups and a combination of e blast to communicate with there members and keep them updated with information on their web development leads, web design leads, and SEO leads. members appreciate the communication and special offers which helps retain members and keeps growth in the community.
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