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Are email blast good for lead generation?

Email’s used to be something that was only checked when we were in our offices or working. Thanks to the invention of the smart phone, we  are now more accessible than ever! Yay! Well not really, but for the sake of this topic, Yay!
Now, when you have someone’s email address you can send them an email. The likelihood that they will see your message, if it doesn’t get lost in the spam abyss, are very high, but will they open it? And if they open it, will they be angry and unsubscribe from you, or will they convert into a lead?
Well if they do get angry and unsubscribe from you that will give you a poor rating with your email service provider and if you get a certain amount of unsubscribes your email service provider will drop you. So, at all cost you want to avoid getting unsubscribed. says to create a landing page that either has a pop up or ‘sign up to your newsletter’ form somewhere on your landing page. You do not have to send out newsletter’s daily, weekly, or monthly. Sending out newsletter’s on a consistent basis is important in order to expect a steady return of leads. These leads will be qualified hot leads!
When we buy email list or get email list to start sending emails to it can be tricky to avoid getting unsubscribed from because they are not familiar with you or your brand. So, if you buy email list, be sure to know what the interest of the people in the list are. Send emails that do not try and sell anything, rather just peak interest. Start building a relationship slowly before you send out emails to influence some kind of conversion.
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