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A few things to remember when generating leads that will increase your sales and clientele now!

Generating leads at first sight seems intimidating, then when you first start generating leads it feels thrilling to make your first sales, and close your first deals, but then what happens? Slowly, but surely, we start plateauing and feeling just overall bored and worn out with the routine. In fact, for most of us, we went into the freelance industry to escape routine and the daily mediocre life that now, we have seemed to have created in our freelance environment. It’s okay, you aren’t alone.

Let’s go over some lead generating basics that we may be overlooking that will not only immediately help you get more leads, but shake the mundane feeling off and shake things up a bit.

When was the last time you did client prospecting? When you are doing mass marketing and eblasting constantly we forget what it’s like to use our creative reconstruction hat, looking at a companies website, page rank, competitors and seeing what you can do to help their particular business whether it maybe in content, design, functionality or whatever else you might see fit. Today there are a lot of automated scripts and user’s value a personable experience over all else.
How many times do you actually follow up with your lead, and how has their needs changed overtime. Any leads that you have been able to get in contact with are valuable, maybe not immediately, but absolutely NO ONE’s web development needs stay the same. If you can contact you lead once the second time, and every time after that will be easier. Stay connected, overtime they will have some kind of web development need and if you are patient and helpful, guess who they will reach out to the next time they need web development help! Send how to guides, or friendly updates on how to increase page ranking is always nice, be sure to not try and sell anything. Just FREE help and and email here or there to stay connected.
What is your conversion rate like, and what can you differently? Whether you are making calls or sending eblast we want our numbers to constantly be increasing. We like our conversion rate, why change things up? Our goal is to constantly be finding our audience and letting them know about our product or service. A change will only introduce our content to a new audience, you can always go back to old techniques, but you will only get new people from different crowds by testing new content, offers, topics, layouts.
Our Tech Friend appreciates how hard it can be to run marketing campaigns and constantly be generating leads, that’s why for a flat fee we offer leads that are 100% at your control. Not a good lead, don’t spend more money or waste time getting more leads, simply return your lead and grab another one. Our Tech Friend want to make sure web developers, web designers, and SEO experts have a successful freelance career, so we make the hard part easy. You just do the work, we’ll get the clients.
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