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5 creative and unique marketing tips to generate leads online

Getting leads online can be as easy as creating a call to action button connected to a great lead collection form. Lead generating campaigns are such a familiar way to gather online leads and make quick connection that later end in the sales of a service or product. Here are some creative lead generating techniques that will help you generate leads and get online traction when the traditional marketing isn’t working well.

  1. Have you used LinkedIn saved searches before? LinkedIn can be a great email list creator, if you save your searches, LinkedIn will actually start emailing you list of people who meet your searches. Now LinkedIn is working for you and will send you list of emails that are associated to your saved search throughout the week!
  2. Making great info-graphics about your website or product are great ways to share information in an appealing manner. Today, graphics are King and you are more likely to get people to WANT to share your information are through info-graphics. There are many info-graph creating sites you can use to create personal and custom info-graphs.
  3. Podcast and guest podcast are surprisingly easy to do and is a great way to immediately connect with your audience. Go online and do a little research to find out what podcast would be most appropriate to talk about your services or product, then reach out to podcast shows. Podcast are always looking for content and getting on a podcast will be the easiest media outlet to share quickly over.
  4. Have you ever signed up for a new social networking site and thought, awe man not a lot of people? Well, how great is that! Niche social platforms are a great way to connect with your audience as it is easier to find and connect with people. On platforms that are not highly populated you are more like to get a response from users and you can imagine how easier it is for your content to stand out!
  5. One highly overlooked way to generate leads and get attention quickly is teaming up with a local organization or company. Organizations that already have a local following or locally owned shops / companies that have a fairly strong following are great partnerships that will prove to be lucrative for both parties. In exchange for the organization or company making a public backing of your website that builds a quick reputation builder, you can offer free ad space about their company / organization which will increase their online presence as yours starts to grow as well.

Our Tech Friend cares about keeping the freelance community active and strong. It is important to Our Tech Friend that freelancers get high pay clients and get gigs that freelancers can make a real income with. It can be hard to be a developer, designer and marketer in the online world because of low bidding and competition overseas that often cheapen local gigs.

Our Tech Friend is about keep freelancers in the freelance community and making sure that our freelancers can get work they can make a good income with. Our Tech Friend offers client guaranteed packages, you don’t pay for leads with Our Tech Friend, you pay for clients.

Stay Freelance.

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