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Welcome to Our Tech Friend’s (OTF) help page, is not just about selling web development, web design, and SEO leads. wants to help freelance web developers, web designers, SEO experts and programmers increase their income and even generate their own hot leads. know how hard it can be to generate leads and would like to provide as many resources so our web development, SEO, designer, and programming freelance community can #stayFreelance.
In order to be more of a resource to the techie community we have added this new section to our website, here we will be uploading helpful OTF tips, articles and interviews from our peers and members that can help our freelancers generate their own hot leads and convert our leads into a sale or client.

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Vlog : What is Our Tech Friend?

In today’s video blog we discuss the main difference between web design leads and SEO leads and other lead providers. There are 3 main ways in which differs form the traditional web design leads and SEO lead providers. Our Lead Portal : we allow you to view our leads live 24/7 at and you get to decide...

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Vlog : Generate leads using a landing page

In today's vlog we go over how to generate leads using a landing page, we also talk about a few landing page must haves in order to have high converting landing page.

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Generate FREE leads with YouTube webinars has been acquired by, and since then, things have never been the same. YouTube ads and promotion services are now very similar to Google Adwords and in fact you use Adwords! The difference is that you do not show up on the Google search engine as a website link, but instead your YouTube video shows up in the...

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Generate FREE Facebook leads is one of the largest and most popular social networking platforms which makes it a gold mine for leads. Generate free Facebook leads in a little as a day if you following the steps in today's blog. Facebook is free to sign up with, and creating a business page is a free as well. You will need two things in...

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5 lead generation techniques to generate qualified leads immediately

Generating leads can be challenging or easy depending on the kind of leads you are trying to generate. In today's blog we are going over how to generate qualified leads. Qualified leads have a name that is suggested to use for contact and a email and /or phone number. Let's talk about 5 simple things we can do to generate...

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What’s so special about leads?

Our Tech Friend is a lead provider that specializes in leads for web designers and SEO experts mainly. We also have social media, content, graphic design and other types of leads but they are all in the tech industry. Our Tech Friend's main focus is on the freelance community and helping to provide freelancers with higher paying gigs than they...

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How to determine your target audience

When you first start to generate leads or do any kind of online marketing, the first is determining who your target audience is. Why do you need to determine who your target audience first? Your audience should be kept in mind when creating content for your landing page, e blast or how ever you plan on marketing your services or...

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How to generate leads on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social networking platform for professionals to network online. Naturally business owners and professionals are taking advantage of the business aspect and generating leads and sales  on LinkedIn, and for FREE. I am sure you are interested in making sales and generating leads yourself, let's get started. On LinkedIn, creating a company page, which would be equivalent to...

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Facebook is a great lead generation tool

After you set up your Facebook page you are going to want to start generating leads and sales immediately. The great things about Facebook is that you can easily connect and engage with your audience and you can do all this for free! Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. Facebook can be a great lead generating and sales...

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How to get leads from Facebook

Most likely if you are reading this, you  have a Facebook account, and I'm sure you've heard how great Facebook can be for businesses. Creating your Facebook account probably wasn't that hard for you and connecting on Facebook with your favorite products, artist and service providers isn't too hard to figure out. What you may find challenging is setting up...

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How to make your sales make you sales

After you've turned your lead prospect into a sale, what do you do next? Let's use that sale to create more sales for us now and for a long time down the road. In order to generate sales, we must find and filter out leads, then nurture our lead into a sale/ client. That is a cycle, not a start...

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Stay focused, follow up

Between generating leads and closing the deal there is a lot of things that go on in between. One of the main things that go on in between, but we rarely give credit or even recognize, and that's the follow up. Not too many sales are closed immediately. When we first make initial contact with our prospect the trust building...

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What every landing page needs in order to generate conversions

What is a landing page and how can it help improve your sales and conversions? A landing page is a very important marketing tool, you can use a landing page to generate and boost sales, foot traffic, online traffic, generate leads and we could list way even more ways a landing page is an effective marketing tool. Make sure you...

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Don’t be afraid to fail, it’s the first step to succeeding

Why do most people fail to get the qualified leads they're looking for? Coming up with a strategy and execution plan to get your audience to come to your website and convert into a sale or lead generation can be exhausting and wearing on the initial adrenaline rush. You get a few leads which get you excited, but they don't...

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Are email blast good for lead generation?

Email's used to be something that was only checked when we were in our offices or working. Thanks to the invention of the smart phone, we  are now more accessible than ever! Yay! Well not really, but for the sake of this topic, Yay! Now, when you have someone's email address you can send them an email. The likelihood that...

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