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Welcome to Our Tech Friend’s (OTF) help page, is not just about selling web development, web design, and SEO leads. wants to help freelance web developers, web designers, SEO experts and programmers increase their income and even generate their own hot leads. know how hard it can be to generate leads and would like to provide as many resources so our web development, SEO, designer, and programming freelance community can #stayFreelance.
In order to be more of a resource to the techie community we have added this new section to our website, here we will be uploading helpful OTF tips, articles and interviews from our peers and members that can help our freelancers generate their own hot leads and convert our leads into a sale or client.

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Google Adwords CTR, Keywords and Search Terms made easy

Google Adwords is a very powerful tool, and since its first launch in October 23, 2000 it's become even more powerful and an effective tool for online and even brick and mortar companies. Even the average Joe has found out how much of a gold mine Google Adwords can be for their business. Google Adwords makes its very easy to...

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Buy web design leads that come with a client guarantee from

Getting web design leads can be hard if you are solely focused on the quality of your work. If you are a serious web developer or programmer you know the importance of staying relevant. How many people have enough time in the day to stay relevant on their coding and on the cyber world. It's very timely to keep a...

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Techie News from is where you can now go to get the latest tech, web development and designer news. If you'd like to know what the latest web design tutorials are, or you like staying up to date with the latest technology and code being used then our resource center will be something of great value to you. For developers it is...

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Vlog : Increase sales and clientele with this tip

Being a freelancer or small business owner can be challenging. You want to keep a good focus that the quality of your products stay up, then you have to worry about the look and presentation of your product all while being sure to stay reachable and keep an attracting user experience. A lot of people think staying relevant means high...

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Generate web design leads with Google Adwords

Google adwords seems easy at first glance. Once you start running ads you understand that there are many different features Google Adwords offers in order to best generate traffic. This video goes over 3 things anyone interested in running a campaign on Google Adwords. is a lead provider for web designers and SEO experts, so naturally our experience is...

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Web design leads and SEO from

Get web design leads and SEO leads that come with a client guarantee from Our leads are generated in a unique manner from The magic isn't in our leads, the magic is in our client guarantee! has a lead portal that allows members to access it 24/7 for hot web design leads and SEO leads. If you...

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5 tips to generate free LinkedIn web design leads

LinkedIn is a professional social networking site that encourages connects for networking. LinkedIn is by far one of the easiest platforms to generate leads off of because of the goals of their platform. Getting your LinkedIn profile setup should be easy if you follow their step by step wizard to creating an expert profile. has a lot of member's...

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Vlog: 10 tips to generate web design and SEO leads

Watch this blog quickly to watch 10 quick tips to generate more web design and SEO leads. I am sure these tips and tricks would work for any industry, but uses these tips to attract people who need web development and SEO help. These are 10 tips that if you did daily, in no time would you be getting...

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Vlog : Buy web design leads

If you are a service provider you know that the quality of your service isn't what determines your clientele. Obviously having a great, quality service will retain and keep your client, that isn't what initially draws them in. knows how important it is to get as many leads and attract as many clients as you can when you are...

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Vlog : Get more web design leads

Are you a freelancer that is having a little bit of a hard time getting views on your content or getting traction in general? knows that getting leads organically can be challenging on your own, having a team will always produce more results. Even though you may not produce a lot, generating leads on your own is always a...

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Vlog : Web design leads, SEO leads, and other lead tips (OTF) doesn't just provide web design leads, SEO leads and other techie leads, OTF offers tips and support for freelance developers. Don't just get leads, increase your clientele with high paying clients that pay you what you're really worth. The first step you want to take in generating leads from high paying clients is finding out where that audience...

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Vlog : Increase online traffic

Get more online traffic with these tips, while content is king. It can be hard to know what kind of content will attract your specific audience. Take a look at this video for some quick tips to attract more of your audience organically. knows how hard small business owners and freelancers have to work to promote their services and...

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Vlog: Organically increase Facebook post views and likes for more leads

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms, which makes it a great place for businesses and freelancers to generate leads and sales. Setting up your Facebook page isn't hard, but getting traction can be a little challenging. The easiest way to get traction is by attracting attention via post. In this vlog we go over some ways...

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Vlog : Increase Sales

Getting sales is the key to success for any business. After all anyone can make a website, but who can make a website that gets sales? knows how important appointment setting and lead generation is to any freelancer or even company. It is the difference between having a successful or failing experience. There are a few baseline must haves,...

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Vlog: Web design leads and other lead generation secret tips

There are many technical things you need to follow to generate leads efficiently. But for anyone seriously generating leads, and closing sales we know there are a few non technical steps you have to take in order to reach any kind of success with lead generation and sales. generates web design leads and SEO leads, the steps we do...

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