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The Lead Guarantee

Hot Leads

Our Tech Friend does not want you to have to pay for bad leads. If you get a lead that you call, but just never returns your call is that your fault? No! Our Tech Friend will give you a new lead if you receive any bad leads in your package. A bad lead is considered a lead with any of the following:

  • Phone number is disconnected, or is the wrong numberbrand-157839_640
  • Contact information is incorrect
  • Contact information is an internet marketing firm testing competition
  • Contact is a duplicate lead already received within the past 30 days
  • No initial contact can be made after 24 hours of attempting to reach lead.

Bad leads must be reported to our Support team within 24 hours of grabbing your lead. Please allow 2 business days for Support team to review your request and issue replacements. Complaints which are based merely on the customer’s false expectations or wishes are not honored.

Our refund policy

web design leads

  • We check our competitors leads on a regular basis.
  • We know that they do NOT have nearly the quality of leads that we have. Find a lead provider or service that offers a higher quality of leads at a cheaper rate and we will give you a full refund*.

  • Prospects over $1,000.
  • Leads that you close under $1,000 you can keep and still return to grab another lead.

  • Prospects will NOT hang up on you.
  • Our leads are expecting to hear from our developers.

  • Prospects will NOT be listed anywhere else.
  • Our leads have agreed to only list their request with us.

  • Prospects will not wonder how you found their number or confused about why you are calling.
  • Prospects are expecting to hear from one of our developers.

  • Our leads are from business owners and people wanting to develop a business or product.
  • Our leads are NOT just individual people looking for blogs, small edits or other personal needs.

*A lead specialist from must be able to close a lead (collect any form of payment valued over $1,000 from the prospect) in order for any competitor’s leads to be considered quality. can NOT guarantee how fast you will close a lead. We can NOT possibly guarantee this because we can NOT determine how great or bad your skills, pricing or sales experience is. We can guarantee that no matter what, you will receive access to quality leads everyday until you do close.

Lead Guarantee

30-day-money-back-guaranteeIf you do not close your lead, you have 30 days to notify us via our online lead return form that the lead is not suitable for the purpose for which you purchased it. You must complete the cancellation form, and return it – together with appropriate information about the lead you purchased – to us via our online lead return form within 30 days of the date of the purchased lead.

The cancellation form includes a legal declaration that you have not been able to close the client, and that you have not received any money from the client what so ever.

Within 48 hours of receipt of a duly completed cancellation form and satisfactory identification evidence (matching the registered user information held on our website database) we will authorize a credit to replace the submitted bad lead.

You also have the option to a full money back return within the first 30 days of Our Tech Friend’s membership if you are not happy with the service for any reason what so ever and you haven’t returned any leads, via a simple online Refund Request form. You can not use both lead return methods, you can either return your lead or get your money back, NOT both. Once you have used our lead return method you are ineligible for a refund.

In order to avoid abuse, this guarantee is subject to the following limitation: the rights under this guarantee may only be exercised by a customer in relation to the client package.

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