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Search in pages’s leads and prospects.’s leads and prospects. helps developers get clients by way of providing exclusive (once you grab a lead it is removed immediately from our lead portal, we do not sell a lead more than once) leads via our lead portal found at Just as unique as our lead portal is, so are our prospects and leads. uses many different funnels to acquire our leads and prospects. One common thing all of our prospects and leads have, all leads go through a lead specialist and are confirmed a real prospect.
No one wants to think they are a lead, and they especially do not want to have to tell what they need to someone more than once. Our lead specialists try their best to confirm that the prospect is in fact looking for whatever they submitted to anyone of our funnels, without connecting too much with the prospect.
We ask our lead specialists to simply confirm that they are still looking for help with what they requested help for, and to confirm their contact information.
Our lead specialists reach out and confirm these two things, a screenshot of the confirmation is taken, and the lead is uploaded to the portal.
How should I reach out to a lead prospect?
The best way to reach out to a lead prospect is usually just sending the same email or text that the lead specialist sent to confirm the lead, which you can always see in the provided screenshot that comes along with the lead. A simple message asking if they still need help and how you can help is preferred over a long introduction and background on your company. Your initial goal is to get a response, something short like “Hey I’m ______, do you still need help with ___________, if so I can send over my portfolio and references” is a lot more engaging then explaining who you are and your company background.
We are always here to support you. While we have had all hands on deck to verify and follow up on leads, members can always get one on one help from a lead specialist at
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