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NFL Comes to Los Angeles (Network For Leads)

Los Angeles may still be waiting for a National Football League team but Los Angelinos can now enjoy another NFL franchise: Network For Leads.
Launched today, Network For Leads ( is free to join, free to use and promises a much greater immediate return to its users than any other business networking platform. NFL’s stock in trade is prospective customers ready to buy.
The basic concept is this: All businesses seek leads for individuals and/or other businesses that may be interested in buying their services. At the same time, every business requires source services to run their business or improve their home or lifestyle.
So Network For Leads (NFL) makes this offer: Give NFL three things you are looking to hire someone to do for you; and NFL will give you three prospects that are looking to buy your service. No charge, no purchase necessary.
Network For Leads also announced today a partnership with Our Tech Friend ( which will now be the exclusive reseller of certain software development leads. Members of Our Tech Friend will now have exclusive access to the best web development leads and SEO leads generated by Network For Leads.
All other leads (contracting, administrative, creative, etc.) are simply traded over the platform. There are no fees to join and or use the service.
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