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Generate FREE leads with YouTube webinars has been acquired by, and since then, things have never been the same. YouTube ads and promotion services are now very similar to Google Adwords and in fact you use Adwords! The difference is that you do not show up on the Google search engine as a website link, but instead your YouTube video shows up in the Google search engine, and as a video advertisement on the YouTube platform, depending on the options you choose you can also show up as an advertisement on the YouTube search engine. Google’s search bot favors YouTube videos ever since the new acquisition too!
So how can you get started with generating leads, and getting conversions from YouTube? It’s actually pretty easy and actually fun. The hardest part is creating the video, which is also the funniest part too! Generating conversions on YouTube is hard at first, but within a day or two, you will see engagement with your audience via new subscribers, views, and comments coming in if you following these instructions precisely and as long as you get engagement you will get leads.
First, be sure to have at least 7-9 videos up, you want to make sure that when you do run promotion for one of your videos you are getting the most out of your money. When you pay to promote one video, your other videos will show up on the right side and your paid for views will spill over onto the other videos giving your other videos FREE views. If your videos are of any interest to your audience you will attract real organic subscribers that will engage with genuine content.
The last important step is going to be sure that you use your desired keywords as much as you can in your description along with a link to your website or even better a landing page, this step is very important! If you do not have a link you can not convert! You are ready to start watching the leads come in, as you promote one video, all of your videos will be working to attract, engage and convert your audience now!
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