How to : Convert a lead into a client

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Always be selling, right! It’s true, every step of the client management funnel includes selling to some degree. Whether it be on an idea or budget, we are constantly trying to influence a compromise to our advantage, well at least someone in the party is. Which is the first step in converting a client, pay attention to whom is closing whom. In every deal that does or does not happen, someone is sold. Remember, someone is selling, either you on your service, or the client on why they can’t use your service.
Converting a lead into a client can be as impossible as calming down a driver fueled with road rage by cutting them off, or as easy as taking candy from a baby! How can you determine how easy or hard it will be – it’s all has to do with you!
Many developers have been able to turn a “no” into a “yes” and some developers don’t even know it, but they’ve turned a “yes” into a “no”. Listening and paying attention to what your lead is saying, then honestly answering “how can I be of assistance to this person” will often times then not put you ahead of your competition and what will really set you apart every single time -going the extra mile.

What can I do for you?

Sitting back, and actually listening to your lead’s needs will always give you a favorable edge. Keep it simple.  You have a service they are looking for, it’s always best to let people sell themselves!