Let’s talk about what prospects want to talk about.

No one listens to voicemails that sound like telemarketers, people will automatically write you off if you sound like one over the phone as well or even in email. If you answer yes to any of the below questions, chances are, you can be coming off like you’re trying to sell them something instead of helping them. Do […]

OurTechFriend.com’s leads and prospects.

OurTechFriend.com’s leads and prospects. OurTechFriend.com helps developers get clients by way of providing exclusive (once you grab a lead it is removed immediately from our lead portal, we do not sell a lead more than once) leads via our lead portal found at clients.ourtechfriend.com. Just as unique as our lead portal is, so are our prospects and leads. […]

How does OurTechFriend.com’s lead portal work?

On any page of OurTechFriend.com you can find the option to “View leads” in the menu. You can also just directly find the portal at clients.ourtechfriend.com. Once you are logged into the portal, you can now grab a lead of your choice. Each lead comes with: The day it was acquired on The kind of […]

How does OurTechFriend.com provide unlimited web design, web development, WordPress leads and SEO leads until you close the amount of clients (clients over $1,000) you’ve purchased?

OurTechFriend.com is a unique lead platform. Let’s go over quickly how our membership and lead portal work. One of the unique features about OurTechFriend.com is how we allow our members to access our leads, via our lead portal at clients.ourtechfriend.com. What do we mean by unlimited leads until you close? For your one time payment, you get access to hot […]

How does OurTechFriend.com work?

OurTechFriend.com is a unique lead provider. OurTechFriend.com provides web design leads, web application leads, iOS leads, Android leads, SEO leads, and other kinds of web development leads. You can view all the leads OurTechFriend.com has available now in the lead development portal found at clients.ourtechfriend.com. What is a lead? Each lead preview comes with a […]

What is my-seo-promotion-service.com and how do I block it from back linking to my site?

Referral traffic from my-seo-promotion-service.com is harmful to your site! When you attempt to visit my-seo-promotion-service.com, you are redirected to seo2.e-volutionary.net/?site=http://, which will ask you to enter your email address and website link. Traffic from my-seo-promotion-service.com can ruin your Google Analytics report, but more importantly your page ranking with Google! Making sure that you have an […]

SEO made simple & easy

The term SEO stands for “search engine optimization”. As a process, SEO can be explained as increasing the page/website visibility over the internet i.e. if anybody searches, website owner would like to come on top of search result. In layman language, one wants to stand in front of the queue. If everyone is competing to […]

15 tips to improve SEO on your website

Help.OurTechFriend.com is here to help you with a few SEO tips. There are broadly two terms used for SEO i.e. on-page and off-page Optimization On-page Optimization: These are the Changes and fixes that are required on your website that helps your website gain rankings on the search engine. Below are major points that are crucial […]

What is SEO? Learn Search engine optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of making a website or any form of media visible on search engines such as Yahoo, Bing or Google. This process is achieved by making sure that the content in question is very relevant to users who may be searching for it on any search engine. Unlike […]