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Category: Vlog

How does’s lead portal work?

On any page of you can find the option to “View leads” in the menu. You can also just directly find the portal at Once you are logged into the portal, you can now grab a lead of your choice. Each lead comes with: The day it was acquired on The kind of […]

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How does provide unlimited web design, web development, WordPress leads and SEO leads until you close the amount of clients (clients over $1,000) you’ve purchased? is a unique lead platform. Let’s go over quickly how our membership and lead portal work. One of the unique features about is how we allow our members to access our leads, via our lead portal at What do we mean by unlimited leads until you close? For your one time payment, you get access to hot […]

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Our Tech Friend, How it works

Unlimited leads until you close Buy one our client packages for a one time, flat fee and get access to unlimited leads until you close the amount of clients you’ve purchased. Return bad leads and you will be credited back within 48 hours. View lead details in the portal first, once you find a lead […]

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Attract your audience, or buy your audience?

If you own any kind of website, whether it be for service, information, membership or eCommerce you know the difference between organic traffic and paid traffic. What is that? Organic traffic is when someone visits your site on their own. Simple. Paid traffic encompasses a few audience types, what can be a little confusing is […]

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Growth takes consistency.

Want to increase your clientele? It’s going to take a lot more than just asking your friends if they need web design or SEO help or if they know anyone that does. How can you get more clients? You many find yourself doing ad campaigns to attract people to your portfolio, or maybe you are […]

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Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of mouth marketing will get you the highest conversions by far, it may take a while but once you get going you will see people who visited your site because of word of mouth marketing are more engaging and almost all the time, end in a conversion. Why? Marketing is all about building reputation, […]

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Google Adwords tracking and improving results from

One of the most effective lead generating tools when used correctly is Google Adwords. You can generate sales, get prospects, boost website traffic and much more with Google Adwords. In order to be able to take advantage of all that Google Adwords offers, you must know what the different tools in the Adwords box can […]

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Google Adwords CTR, Keywords and Search Terms made easy

Google Adwords is a very powerful tool, and since its first launch in October 23, 2000 it’s become even more powerful and an effective tool for online and even brick and mortar companies. Even the average Joe has found out how much of a gold mine Google Adwords can be for their business. Google Adwords […]

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Buy web design leads that come with a client guarantee from

Getting web design leads can be hard if you are solely focused on the quality of your work. If you are a serious web developer or programmer you know the importance of staying relevant. How many people have enough time in the day to stay relevant on their coding and on the cyber world. It’s […]

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Techie News from is where you can now go to get the latest tech, web development and designer news. If you’d like to know what the latest web design tutorials are, or you like staying up to date with the latest technology and code being used then our resource center will be something of great value to […]

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